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Simpson Towler offers a range of survey and valuation services for residential property.

Whilst some buyers rely only on their mortgage valuation report to inform their purchasing decision, the Consumers Association and the Council of Mortgage Lenders recommendeds that you also commission your own survey. Why? Because a mortgage valuation report is designed to help the lender make a lending decision and may not answer the questions you need answered. Our survey services enable buyers to make more informed buying decisions and can sometimes be used to re-negoitiate a purchase price.

Home Buyer Report (Survey & Valuation)
This report was re-named and launched by the RICS in March 2010. Replacing an earlier format of the report, it is a survey format sometimes referred to as the budget approach to the purchase of a home. It is considered suitable for traditional properties built from the time of the First World War onwards, but can sometimes be used for older properties. A version is also available for flats. It reports on visible elements of a property, concentrating on significant rather than minor defects and includes a market valuation and a recommended reinstatement figure for insurance purposes. There are certain types of property for which this survey is not suitable. Please enquire for further details.

Building Surveys
Once referred to as a structural survey, this form of report is detailed and includes information on construction methods, condition of the structure and anticipated future repair and maintenance issues, as well as advice on what to do about defects found. It is suitable for nearly all residential property, but particularly for individual, larger or older buildings and Listed Buildings. Valuations and reinstatement figures can be included as extras but are not part of the standard service.

Insurance Valuations
We carry out valuations on residential and agricultural properties to provide insurance reinstatement cost recommendations. These valuations can be carried out separately from survey reports.

We provide valuation services for a range of purposes on

  • Town and country residential property
  • Farms& farmland.
  • Agricultural buildings and conversion projects

The purposes for which we can provide valuation advice include

  • Valuations for matrimonial proceedings;
  • Valuations for Inheritance Tax and probate purposes;
  • Valuations for estate planning;
  • Valuations for Capital Gains Tax purposes;
  • Valuations for the purposes of the Charities Act;
  • Valuations for lending purposes.

Our services are tailored to clients' specific requirements, which we are happy to discuss at any time.

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